The Chief Executive & The Secretary
V. Nagaraj., M.A., Litt.

Chairman’s Message

Education  is supposed to encourage the students to analyze and evaluate their experience; to doubt, to question, to investigate; in other words to be inquisitive and to think independently. Today children are growing up in a complex and ever changing society. If the education system is to succeed in equipping children and young people for the future, it must be based on a broadly  defined concepts of knowledge and an adopted education through varied teaching methods. Good access to and participation in artistic and cultural activities give children important tools for mastering their lives.

Children grow up more form their surroundings and if surrounding meets their needs then there is no end to learning. Working with Art, Culture and Creativity in kindergarten is among other things which contribute to children’s learning, to observe and express themselves. The children are to use- their imagination, creative thinking and creative zest. And this is what “Silver Bells Central School” is with; the idea is not just learning but learning with fun and spreading of culture and knowledge.

About Silver Bells Central School

Education is a divine community for social change. Education enhances the individual personality which leads to the empowerment of peaceful and dynamic society. School is place where a child turn into a very good individual. The silver bells family is a pioneer in the above said and makes the child as human capital with his or her unique character.

The main focus of SBCS is not just restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Its aim is to impart comprehensive training and learning for life (Skill to live).

The Principal
Mrs. Manju Nagaraj., M.Sc., B.Ed .