Pre-Primary Education

Encouragement: So that balanced development of body, Mind and spirit can take place.

Environment: Caring and loving environment.

Role Model: Children learn by emulating the behavior.

Rationale: Attitude towards life and learning are both formed in preschool.

Approach: Discovery of the self. Enhance children’s imagination & Creativity. Development of self-care skills.

Primary Education

Confident, well-mannered, articulate and happy children empowered with high self-esteem. Academically strong and able to diagnose own strengths and weakness. Talented and resourceful in multiple ways.

Fluent in spoken English with rich vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and expression. Ability to distinguish right from wrong, conscious of others and service oriented. Inspired world Citizens.

Reading: The child should be able to read the text well with correct pronunciation.
Writing: The child should be able to hold the pencil/pen correctly and have neat and legible handwriting.
Arithmetic: He child should be able to apply the concepts learnt in his daily activities.

Junior / Middle Education

Expression in oral and written work: The child has the ability to express his / her ideas related to the concepts learnt both orally and in writing.

Application of concepts learnt: The child has no hesitation and problems in applying the concepts learnt through direct application.

Consolidation of Fundamentals: The child is able to understand the concepts taught in the class and remember these for future application.

Expression: Especially, as SOLID COMMANAD OVER SPOKEN ENGLISH with a solid power of expression, with a vast vocabulary etc.,

Eventful: Exposure to events and competitions.

Expansion: Building out from the fundamentals. Adding to it such as through greater emphasis on science and social studies.

Senior Education

Preparation for Board Examinations:
Regular practice of the questions based on the board pattern of the examination paper. The child is able to apply his / her knowledge even if the questions are indirect and based on the application of the concept.
Learning to time themselves is important so that the child is able to complete the entire paper well in time with sufficient time for revising the paper. Emphasis is on both Speed and Accuracy.
  • Praiseworthy Character
  • Pleasing Personality
  • Proficiency in English
  • Performance in Boards and Beyond.